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1. Name: Kim Tae Yeon
2. Age: 17 years old now keke college student TT_TT
3. Birthdate: 1989.03.09
5. Graduated from: Yanggi High School
6. Height: I'm still growing up...
7. Blood type: Blood type.. I still don't know my blood type until now TT type AB or O..
8. Religion: None (don't tempt me)
9. Interests: Thinking about things.. humming a tune.. playing with my phone.. checking my messages, sending messages keke
10. Personality: Not scared of anything, likes weird and interesting things
11. Happiest time of the day: When I'm sleeping haha. At night when I'm alone..
12. What I'm most unsatisfied with now: My hair had stopped growing -_- no points in cyworld..
13. What do you wear when sleeping: I'll never wear long sleeves keke usually wear thin clothings when sleeping ^ ^
14. Ideal hairstyle: Dislike long hair TT ~~likes simple and neat hairstyle
15. Ideal type: Someone who's positive, charming when he smiles, full of humour, does skinship well
16. Habits: *Blank expression*~, sleep-talking at times, playing with phone, writing down impressions, things that I saw with my own eyes and left a deep impression
17. Fruits I like: Orange, Apple, Strawberry, Tomato
18. Vegetables I like: Vegetables..I like all
19. Most handsome male artiste: Kim Dong Wan, my, Ji Sung, Noh Hong Chul
20. Most pretty female artiste: Han Ga In, Kim Tae Hee
21. Things I treasure: Handphone, and things like that
22. Numbers I like: 3, 6, 9
23. My troubles: No computer in the dorm
24. My shortcomings: I was a little selfish when I was younger TT TT It's difficult for me to forget something bad that happened TT TT
25. How I feel now: It's weird~
26. Things I want to do now: Look at my graduation album
27. Someone I like: Until now I haven't liked anyone before
28. Food I like: Korean food!
29. Food I dislike: Honestly, there's no food I dislike keke
30. Shoe size: 250mm
31. Liquor capacity: Not sure.. still learning from my parents ^ ^
32. Cigarette: The most hated thing in the world (Dad T_T please quit smoking)
33. Recommend a sad movie: Marathon TT_TT must watch (Personally I prefer horror movies)
34. Childhood dream: Splendid Single [Note: this is a song by Yang Hye-Sung]
35. Motto: Don't do anything that you'll regret..(but there's always accident -_-)
36. Sleeping hours: 7 hours
37. WIsh: Female singer who is able to sing live well
38. How do you feel about your smile: I'm good at laughing..once I start I can't stop
39. My best dish: Egg fried rice!! (Can't cook ramen well TT)
40. Where do you live now: Our dorm
41. Something you'll always remember: Everything in 2004..
42. Catchphrase: I'm hungry keke.. Do you want to die?! What~?! You're welcome
43. Sleep out experience: My family is very strict.. there's also a CCTV installed
44. First kiss: Definitely didn't have one before
45. If yes, where is it: I already said none keke
46. What will you look at first for ideal type: Eyes.. it will change with time
47. If you have a lover: This..I don't have any experience yet '_'; I think I will love him very much ^ ^
48. If you fall into a love triangle: I hate love triangles and stuff like that
49. If someone you love betrays you: He will get the revenge someday..hohoho~
50. Things you want to give to people you love: Trust
51. Things I do in school: Recently, chat with friends keke.. or just daydream
52. Flowers I like: Purple flower (don't know that name TT)
53. Songs I like: For songs, no criteria
54. Colors I like: Blue, purple
55. Age requirement for future husband: I don't really look at younger guys.. someone older, as long as he's in the suitable range
56. What do you do when you're free: Thinking about things, listening to music
57. First love: No one believes TT I haven't met my first love until now
58. If you have 100 million: Firstly, save it up hehehe
59. Most interesting drama you watched: I don't really watch dramas usually
60. Most interesting movie you watched: In recent years, National Treasure (jjang jjang >_<)
61. Eyesight: Blind Kim
62. Ways to destress: Thinking about things, listening to music, walk around
63. Something you want to learn: Sociability
64. What you want to do: The thing I want to do most is to debut
65. If your lover's life is in danger: I will be very sad TT I definitely will TT_TT
66. When do you hate yourself the most: When I eat till I'm really full
67. What are your thoughts towards premarital sex: What is that
68. Life's motto: Be cautious about everything
69. Weather I like: Cloudy with strong winds and raining heavily
70 Time spent watching TV: 4 hours?! ha ha
71. Friends I treasure are: There's..two
72. How do you view life: After setting a goal, work hard towards it
73. Drinks I like: Mineral water, black soya bean
75. Snacks I like: SunChips, cream puff black sesame flavour
76. Where will you go if you break up: A quiet place.. somewhere no one will pass by
77. Teacher I respect the most: All~ except the one in Primary 6 and high school third year
78. Family members: Father, mother, older brother, younger sister, small female dog
79. Happiness is: Being able to do things that I like
80. Most unforgettable birthday present: The phone call on 4 March 2004
81. Animals I like: Dogs, cats, tiger
82. Plants I like: Cactus
83. Favourite season: Winter~
84. What do you think of same gender relationship: As long as they like each other, there's nothing wrong about it hehe~
85. Choose between love and friendship: Until now I haven't been in love before.. friendship
86. What will you do if it's the end of the world tomorrow: Sleep.
87. Singing potential: To the extent where people won't feel sick..?! keke
88. Dancing potential: To the extent where people won't feel awkward..?! keke
89. Favourite song: It changes with time..
90. What is the most important aspect in a relationship (friends/lover/etc): Trust!
91. Subjects I like: Science, English, Korean, Sports
92. What do you think of cougar love: Rather than younger, I prefer someone older
93. If you die tomorrow: I will write a very long will keke
94. When do you want to get married: I don't think I will get married..
95. What will you be like 20 years later: Reminiscing the past..I will probably do that
96. Countries you want to visit: Japan, England, especially England.. I really want to go TT~ Harry is waiting for me there
97. E-MAIL: I don't use e-mail ^ ^
98. Say something to the person looking at this Q&A: You have known more about me, right?! ^ ^
99. Something you want to change: Laziness
100. Last thing you want to say: Don't judge things/people based on first impression ^_^ Me, Taeyeon, is someone like that ^ ^ keke. After reading this, thank you..for reading ^ ^
I'll never get sick of reading this ;D

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“I won’t ever leave you, even though you’re always leaving me.” Audrey Niffenegger

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Because we are Brothers: 


And Sisters: 


And Girls:


And Boys:


And Pretty: 


And Handsome:


And Sexy: image


And Sweet: 


And Gay: 


And Straight: 


And Crazy:


And we don’t stick to the Rules: 


And we Love:


And we Fight:


And we Sing: 


And we Dance: 


And we Laugh:


And we Cry: 


We are friends:


And at the end of the day we know, we all have somewhere to belong


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How Jongyu shows their love for each other

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How the king does it.

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The Original Super Babies ๑>◡<๑

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”We are a group where happiness and suffering co-exist. As a group, we have experienced ups and downs in a range of emotions. Our members convene to play games, fight, cry, encourage, strive, and cherish each other. We protect each other. No one can replace Super Junior in our hearts. This is the essence of Super Junior.”- Heechul

”We are a group where happiness and suffering co-exist. As a group, we have experienced ups and downs in a range of emotions. Our members convene to play games, fight, cry, encourage, strive, and cherish each other. We protect each other. No one can replace Super Junior in our hearts. This is the essence of Super Junior.”
- Heechul

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shindong about ryeowook- “it’s not even a character with a sharp tongue. it’s an awkward character”

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Super Junior 13.

Super Junior 13.





the sisters brothers of super junior | cr ttankkoming 

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 ☼ SMTown Week: Treasure Island.

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You can find the original artist here. Please don’t remove her artist link. She’s an acquaintance of mine (I’ve admired her art for a while, but I met her officially when I made this Tumblr), and it pisses me off when people erase links to selfishly ~stylize~ their blog.


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Detroit-born Photographer Mark Laita explores social and cultural clashes between different social backgrounds by juxtaposing people of United States in his stunning series “Created Equal”. By contrasting social inequality, Laita invited the viewers to think about how and why they took these different directions.
People born equal but turned out totally different in real life. Mark Laita in his photo series compare different people from all walks of life such as a bank robber and a policeman, a high school dropout and a college graduate, a company president  and a janitor etc. It took almost 8 years for Mark Laita to complete the project.
(Click the photos to see the captions)
1. Amish Teenagers / Punk Teenagers
2. Marine / War Veteran
3. Vegetarian / Butcher, 1999 / 2004
4. College Graduate / High School Dropout
5. Indigent Couple / Wealthy Couple
6. Rock Band / Polka Band, 2006 / 2006
7. Baptist Minister / Ku Klux Klan
8. Catholic Nuns / Prostitutes
9. Homeless Man / Real Estate Developer
10. Gang Member / Mafioso

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